Additional employment opportunities for young people. The internship, transformed into a labour contract.


Young people encounter employment problems

According to Romania’s country report 2016, the integration of young people into the labour market still remains a challenge. In 2015, youth employment rate decreased to 22%, still above EU’s average.

For this reason, Romanian parliamentaries have drafted a law with the purpose to activate companies and public institutions for the integration on the labour market of people who reached the age of 16.

Employing trainees brings money from the state

The draft law foresees that employers who provide labour contracts for young people who have finalized their internships, on an unlimited basis, receive from the state a grant amounting 1000 eur.

Additionally, young trainees have the right to a fee of at least 50% of the minimum wage at country level.

Additional employment opportunities for young people. The project is supported by Teleorman county deputies.

The draft law is also supported by the Teleorman County deputy, Violeta Radut.

“It is a project which I have supported from the stage of debates within the Commission for labour and social protection. The internship is a chance that should bring benefits both for the employer as well as for the trainee. This is why I have voted for the legislative proposal to transform internships into labour contracts with unlimited timeframe. In Romania, 7 out of 10 young people participate in such programmes and I strongly believe that the real benefit a company has from students or young graduates is a considerable one; the method is free of costs and it functions as a recruiting one, with a very low risk. Young people’s work must be respected and appreciated, and the change I support provides real chances for young people, gives them reasons to stay in Romania, for further developing their carreers in the field they have chosen”, says Violeta Radut.

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