Recent floods in Teleorman county have seriously affected several families, by destroying their goods and crops, and by killing their house animals. For them, local authorities at county level, through the Red Cross, Teleorman branch, try to collect reliefs as food, hygiene products and functional goods. So far, Teleorman citizens have donated oil, flour, corn flour, tins and personal hygiene products, but any donation is still welcome.

They saw the destruction of their lifetime savings

Recent floods have created serious damage. Several Teleorman families have experienced the destruction of their lifetime savings. People have lost their goods, crops and animals. Within a couple of hours, several families were seriously affected. Water flew into their houses and destroyed furniture, home appliances, clothes and other goods.

Others saw their crops compromised and animals sinked

Support for those affected by floods

For all those, local authorities have launched an aid campaign, through the Red Cross, Teleorman branch. All good hearted people who wish to support those affected by floods may donate, at the premises of Red Cross in Alexandria, food products (bottled water, oil, sugar, flour, corn flour, rice, canned food, etc.), hygiene products and any other functional goods. So far, Teleorman people made donations, but there are still some more needed.

“We kindly ask those who have the possibility and wish to stand by those who are in need, to still support them”, so the director of Teleorman Red Cross, Felicia Carpaciu.

The Red Cross Teleorman joined the campaign and provides clothing and footwear to those affected by flood.

Donations can be made until Friday

Teleorman people who want to support can still donate until Friday, July 13, daily within 08 and 14.00. Aids can be donated at the premises of Teleorman Red Cross in Alexandria str. Constantin Brâncoveanu, nr. 64 (close to the Episcopacy)

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