Available funds for investment in agricultural exploitations – Measure 4.1


AFIR is still receiving applications for investment project in agricultural exploitations, under the NRDP – Measure 4.1. The total available amount, until 25th of January 2022, for investments in vegetal and animal agricultural exploitations amounts 589 millions euro.

 For simple procurements of agricultural equipment, as well as of equipment for irrigation or draining, no more applications for funding can be submitted, since funds have been absorbed. This component was closed on November 30, 2021, following the fact that the 125 MEUR allocation has been exceeded 3 times.  

Currently, farmers can still request funds for investment in the conditioning, processing and marketing of the vegetal farm – excluding vegetables and potatoes (11 MEUR available), in the animal farm (81 MEUR available), as well as for vegetables and potatoes (53MEUR available).

There are also available 30MEUR for investment in stock raising (primary production, conditioning and marketing) in the mountain area and EUR 326M for the same type of investment at national level.

For investments in setting up, extension, modernization in the vegetables sector, including protected areas and potatoes (primary production, conditioning and marketing), interested applicants have available funds amounting EUR 86M.

Until 24th of December 2021, the second stage of the project submission session is taking place, where project with scores higher than 50/60 points can be submitted – the monthly quality thresholds for each component are detailed in the Call for Proposals for Measure 4.1, available on the AFIR internet site  www.afir.info.

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