Three green projects will be implemented in the Municipality of Lyaskovets


 “I love the nature – and I participate” – a call for project proposals by the Ministry of environment and waters and the Enterprise for management of the environmental protection activities (EMEPA), as part of the National campaign “Clean environment – 2021”.Municipalities, schools and kindergardens were able to participate with project proposals in the competition.

The aim of the “Clean environment – 2021” campaign is creating positive social attitudes on the topics of preserving the environment, increasing the environmental culture and engagement. The activities, implemented as part of the campaign, are dedicated to increasing the environmental awareness, creating positive attitude towards the nature and developing skills and a will for preserving the environment.

 The three local projects, granted funds for implementation, are developed by Secondary school “Maksim Raykovich”, Elementary school “Tsani Gintchev” and by the Municipality of Lyaskovets.

Project “Learning and recreation outside the classroom” will be implemented by Secondary school “Maksim Raykovich”, Lyaskovets. The main accent of the project is increasing the environmental and aestetic culture of the students of the largest school in the municipality through outdoor lessons, different activities and supporting prositive behavior in the nature, all carried out in the “Outdoors classroom”. “Learning and recreation outside the classroom” project is a continuation of the already implemented project for upgrading the schoolyard. By creating “Outdoors classroom”, the shool activities will be a positive environment for creative thinging and environmental engagement in the young people.

Through the implementatiion of the project will be possible to be held outdoor lessons and better conditions for recreation. As part of the project will be created two main areas – green classroom, that includes a benches and blackboard. There will be an area for nature sciences classes, home economics, area for recreation with benches, tables etc.

The “Outdoors classroom” provides a encouraging envronment for innovations in the learing proccess, innitiated by the teachers.

Project “Organic products from out experiment field” will be implemented by Elementary school “Tsani Ginchev”, Lyaskovets. As pat of the project in the school will be buildt experimental field where the children, the teachers and the parents will produce organic vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, pumpkins, corn and others. It will be build hothouse for protecting the plants from bad weather. There will be herb area in the experimental field, as well as a recreation area with comfortable outdoor furniture and beautiful alleys. The project activities will begin in April and will end in the Autumn with the gathering of the produce.

The third project, funded by the Ministry of environment and the Enterprise for management of the environmental protection activities (EMEPA)

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