The traditional culinary festival brought home cooks from the region in Dzulyunitsa

Пъстра трапеза 2023

For thirteenth time in a row the village of Dzulyunitsa hosted the National Culinary festival “Colourful Table”. The colourful folklore festival was a live stage for the Bulgarian culinary traditions. The event’s organizers, Dr. Ivelina Getsova and Ekaterina Moskova, traditionally opened the celebration with greetings and thanks to the founders, participants and sponsors.

A total of ten wonderfully arranged by the talented cooks were the booths with dishes based on recipes from our grandmothers. The new addition sparked great interest in the visitors – a stand with asparagus and interesting exotic vegetables from the farm of the local producer Hristo Anchev. The ten teams from the region, participating in the culinary exhibition with dishes prepared by them personally and brought on the day of the festival, were from the host village, represented by the local retirement club “Zlatna esen” and school “P. R. Slaveikov”, in which young cooks are trained in a special class. Guests from the retirement clubs of Lyaskovets and Dragizhevo, a collective team from the Kozarevets Culture center “Zemedelec-1899″ and the seniors from the local club ” Zdravets”, as well as culinary teams from Nova Zagora, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Strazhitsa.

After the jury tasted all the tasty dishes, it had its word and determined the winners of this year’s awards. The prize, provided by Kotooshu’s parents, was won by the cooks from Dragizhevo for overall performance. The most delicious dishes were cooked by the ladies from the team of retirement club “Zora”, Lyaskovets. The special prize for an original recipe went to the owner of the Asparagus Farm in the village of Djulyunitsa. The award for dishes excellently prepared by authentic recipe went to the cooks from the club “Maznevska cheshmichka”, Lyaskovets. The most delicious traditional dessert was prepared by Dafinka Ignatova from Kozarevets, and the title of “Great master of the festival” was awarded to Nikolay Nikolov from Vladislav. The award for the richest and most beautifully arranged booth was won by the foodies with the most presented dishes, 30 in number, namely – the team from the village of Kozarevets .

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