Master cooks from Kozarevets prepared the most delicious hen soup during the traditional festival


The unique festival of the hen soup was held for eleventh time in the village of Kozarevets. The official start of the tournament was given by the mayor of Municipality of Lyaskovets dr. Ivelina Getsova and Krassimira Koleva – the mayor of Kozarevets village.

After all the cauldrons were lit, the cooks set about refining the broth, each adding their own secret spices to their dishes. To make the festival even more cheerful, there was homemade rakiya – a very good addition to the most popular Bulgarian soup. For a good mood, singers and dancers presented songs and dances from their repertoire. Over 20 solo and group performances included the folklore program on the open stage in central square of the village. Two dance ensembles – the children from “Ludo mlado” from Lyaskovets and the club for folk singers from Kozarevets “Hey-bray” captivated young and old and, together with enthusiasts from the audience, they performed Bulgarian folk dances. Specially invited guest performers for the festival were the duo Amphibia, as well as the granddaughters of the folk singer Guna Ivanova – Iva and Velislava Kostadinovi, who entertained residents and guests with a concert, and at the finale, their popular grandmother also sang with them.

At noon, a special jury was already tasting the soups .The jury committee was made up of professionals in the industry: Ralitsa Rasheva, Plamen Karadjov and Borislav Banov. The committee tasted the culinary creations and chose the tastiest soup from a hen.

First place in the competition for the tastiest chicken soup was won by the culinary team of club “Zdravets” from Kozarevets. The second place was for the soup of the cooks from the village of Dobri Dyal. The third prize went to the team of club “Nadezhda”, Merdanya. The two beautifully arranged stands of the village of Kozarevets also won the competition for the most attractively arranged stand. Second and third in this category were the guests from the village of Vladislav and the stand of the “Happy Chefs” from the village of Pravda. For several years,there is a special prize of the mayor of Kozarevets and this year it went to the culinary team from the club “Zora” Lyaskovets. Mariyana Stoyanova from Dobri dyal earned the award for the most attractive chef. The rest of the participants left with certificates and recognition for their work in keeping the culinary traditions of Bulgaria.

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