“Together on the road” and “Sensory room” – two successful projects funded by the Municipal fund for support of local initiatives of Lyaskovets Municipality and Agora Platform


   Two of the projects, funded by the Municipal fund for support of local initiatives of Lyaskovets Municipality and Agora Platform for 2021, were successfully finalized. Project “Together on the road” implemented by the “School board of “Radost” Kindergarten, Lyaskovets” Association and “Sensory room” Project of the “School board of Secondary School “Maksim Raykovich”, Lyaskovets” Association aim to implement innovations in the education in Lyaskovets.

   In 2021 Association “School board of “Radost” Kindergarten, Lyaskovets” participated in the third open call for local initiatives funded by the Municipal fund with the project , developed by active community members – members of the school board.

The school board submitted the project proposal and implemented it in the period of two months, as the coordinator of the project was the principal of “Radost ” kindergarten – Gabriela Ivanova and the project was implemented with the help of volunteers – parents, teachers and citizens. The aim of the project was to upgrade and expand the process of traffic safety education and to help children in gaining knowledge about the road traffic, the traffic rules and the safety.

   Project “Sensory room” was a result of the efforts of the teachers from Secondary School “Maksim Raykovich”, Lyaskovets to have a dedicated area for children with specific educational needs, granting their successful adaptation in the school environment.

The Sensory room provides a space for relaxation, energizing, learning and development and is a great way for awakening of the senses with activities, developing fine and general motor skills in the students.

The implementation of the project provided environment for improvement of the work with children with special educational needs for the teachers, the specialized staff and the parents. The equipment and the furniture create friendly environment and makes the educational process exciting.

  Through the project activities were improved the dialogue and partnership between the teachers and parents, making the support provided by the specialized stuff for the parents for home educational activities, more efficient.

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